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Get more leads, boost sales, & build a community of loyal customers using strategic marketing & email automation.

Email Strategy & Planning: Creating Profit Multipliers With Automated Email Sequences

Email strategy to transform your email marketing into a profit center.

Ignoring the customers on your email list while selling to complete strangers is like spending thousands of dollars throwing a big party...

And then refusing to talk to your guests once they arrive.

When all you really need is a few simple systems to increase sales while growing profit margins and cash flow.

Simple Email Systems which:

  • Provide an amazing experience for your customers.
  • Make more sales while spending less on ads.
  • Create more cash flow in your business.
  • Get more money in your pocket.
  • Lower the stress of marketing in your life.

E-Commerce Automations

Email Automations Triggered By Customer Behavior = Selling While You Sleep 

Automatic sales funnels to collect leads and drive sales conversions.

There's so much money in your email list waiting to fall into your hands.

The easiest way to scoop up this money is by using email automations

triggered by customer behavior.

People on your email list do certain behaviors which can be tracked like:

  • Leaving things in their carts.
  • Looking at items but not buying
  • Hitting a certain spending threshold to become a VIP customer.

Anyone of these behaviors is an opportunity to follow up with email.

Customer follow-up with email is a proven strategy which increases sales and ascends the relationship with those customers.

Every day you don't have profit generating email sequences set in place, you're robbing yourself.

Email Autoresponders

Build it once and automate. 

Evergreen email funnels which bring in revenue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • Email campaigns designed and mapped out based on proven conversion strategy.
  • Emails with strategically chosen structure, content, and cadence to get your best prospects begging to buy from you.
  • Emails that instantly get new subscribers indoctrinated into your email list to build those "know, like, trust" signals quickly.

Broadcast Emails

Content or product promotions. Used once (or turned into autoresponders).

Conversational email campaigns which:

  • Shift people's beliefs into alignment with your offer as the solution for their pain or problem. This makes a buying decision for your prospect easy and gets more sales for you..
  • Gets your prospect thinking about your brand and product - and the outcomes your deliver. Even if they don't buy today, they'll know who can solve their problem when they're ready to invest in a solution.
  • Build a bond with the people on your list who matter the most - the buyers.

Product Launch Sequences

Pre-Launch, Launch, Post-Launch sequences. 

Deadline driven email sequences sent out manually or queued ahead of time to get more conversions for new products or services.

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