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Wichita, KS, USA, Wichita Metropolitan Area, 67212

The Biggest Mistake & Two Obstacles Which Destroy The Power Of Email Marketing

Your prospects have a goal.

climbing the mountain

That goal lies at the top of the mountain.

They're starting at the bottom.

Your job is to sell them solutions that move them up the mountain, toward their ultimate goal... and away from the pain of their current life.

A key fact to understand about your prospect’s buying behavior is...

Peoples Problems Mature Over Time

People’s problems will develop and mature as time goes on.

What wasn’t a problem then, might be a HUGE problem now.

What was a problem back then, might no longer be an issue.

This is why we need to understand WHO we are targeting and what stage of awareness they are in when they come to us.

Yes... you might have people in different stages of awareness.

That’s OK.

Send them an email so they remember who can solve their problem.

Every day.

Not emailing your list every day is the single biggest mistake you can make.

And one of the reasons you’re not reaping the profits from using the full power of email marketing.

Two Obstacles Stopping You From Using The Full Power Of Email Marketing To Increase Your Revenue

Let’s talk about a couple of anxiety producing ideas which keep many people from using the full power of email marketing.

Idea #1:  "What if I send too many emails, they get annoyed and subscribe?"

People who are “into you” are going to stick around and consume your emails and eventually buy your products.

People who leave or unsubscribe are NEVER going to buy from you.

That’s OK.

Not everyone will be your customer.

Not everyone wants you to help them up the mountain.

Maybe they are climbing a different mountain.

Why lose sleep over people who don’t like you... who don’t want to buy from you… and don’t want to hear from you?

Focus on the buyers and the people who like you.

Idea #2: "They’re not responding to my emails. Maybe there’s no point in emailing them."

What no response means is:

  • Maybe their goal at the top of the mountain has changed.
  • Maybe it’s just not as important.
  • Maybe their problem is not as developed yet.

Whatever the reason, they are not ready to buy - right now.

But the people who are ready to buy...

Those are the people you need to think about moving up the mountain towards their goal.

Everything we do in our marketing is trying to get them up their own personal mountain.


They’re starting at the bottom.

You need to help them move up the mountain... toward their ultimate goal.

Your job is to sell them solutions that move them up the mountain, toward their goal…

And away from the pain of their current life.

Don’t know where to start with your email marketing?

Get Your Email Marketing Audit... Clarity For Your Email Marketing Strategy.

Your email marketing system is evaluated using my 15-point Email Marketing Checklist to identify opportunities for generating more revenue from your email list.

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Hi, I'm Carmen Baynham, a Nurse Practitioner turned Copywriter | Marketing Consultant. 

I help visionary entrepreneurs & hero professional service providers get more leads, boost sales, & build a community of loyal customers using strategic marketing & email automation.

Carmen Baynham


"Selling doesn’t have to be a constant pitch full of scarcity and sleazy tactics in order to get someone to buy something."