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What's The Email With The Highest Open Rate?

The email with the highest open rate...

Is the welcome email sent after a sale or opt-in to an email list.

Email marketing platform, Get Response, found the following average results:

  • Welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate. (Hive.co)
  • Welcome emails on average generate up to 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails. (Invesp)
  • Welcome emails can create an 86% lift in unique open rate. (Entrepreneur)
  • The most effective triggered email types for e-commerce brands are cart-abandonment emails and welcome emails. (MarketingProfs)
  • Welcome email read rates are 42% higher than the average email. (Campaign Monitor)
  • Welcome emails have on average 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of a standard email marketing campaign. (InboxArmy)
  • 84% of B2C welcome emails successfully reach inboxes worldwide and have a 23% read rate. (Statista)

Wouldn’t you like to leverage this level of engagement to boost sales?

You can... By sending a welcome email sequence.

Handshake through computer screen

The Power Of Welcome Email Sequences

Businesses selling online face a challenge connecting with prospects and customers.

You can’t exactly smile at your customer through the computer screen or reach out and shake their hand.

When you welcome a new prospect or customer into your business, you might think sending one email is enough.

Experienced marketers have found sending a welcome sequence gets better results.

Benefits of using a Welcome Series of emails...

The emails help humanize your brand and build resonance with your ideal prospect & customer.

A strategically crafted welcome email sequence will also drive your onboarding process.

The emails create a pleasant and rewarding experience, improving retention.

The series introduces you, talks about your brand, and shares your origin story.

People always love hearing those origin stories.

When someone knows your story, they feel educated. They can tell other people about it. 

It makes them feel cool, like they’re ‘in the know.’

The emails also:

  • Show how your products or services are different than other options out there.
  • Break down the benefits of your products or services and show ways they’re used.
  • Demonstrate social proof.

A series of emails will keep you fresh in the minds of your prospects and customers for more purchases.

If you have other products or services they can enjoy buying, the welcome emails make them aware of those possibilities.

Key Elements Of A Welcome Email Sequence

Make sure every email has a call to action. Something they can do to interact with you.

Having a call to action trains your prospect or customer to take action whenever you send an email.

It also makes them more likely to open your future emails. Because you always give them actionable content and a way to interact with you further.

The top 3 call to actions:

  1. Ask how things are going with their purchase.
  2. Give them incentive to buy. A discount coupon or time-limited credit works well here.
  3. Ask a question so they engage with you by replying to the email.

Replying to your email makes them feel like you’re having an ongoing conversation.

It also improves your chances of ending up in their main inbox folder instead of in the promotions folder or, worse yet the spam folder.

Your emails will more likely be routed to their main inbox when their email provider sees you’re having an actual conversation.

Some other good call to actions might be to:

  • Complete their profile
  • Login to their account
  • Read a help document or guide
  • Watch an explainer video
  • Download content

5 Tips For Crafting Your Welcome Sequence

Email #1 – Make the first email in the sequence all about what a smart decision they made to buy your product or get your lead magnet.
  • Remind them of all the benefits they will now experience.
  • Tell them your origin story.
  • Include some incentive to buy or make another purchase.
Email #2 – The second email is all about what makes your product or service better or different.

Use one of these areas to focus on:

  • Overcome objections.
  • Lead with benefits and unpack each one. Include details about each benefit. How it enriches or transforms the life of the prospect or customer. 
  • Include some incentive to make that first purchase or make another purchase.
Email #3 – The third email includes more about the company.

Details to connect the mind of your prospect or customer with the company’s mission.

Email #4 – In the fourth email give a testimonial, case study or demonstration of the product or service.
Email #5 – The fifth email is a direct sales pitch to buy or engage further with the company.

Include all the benefits of making a purchase.

Frequently asked questions or answers to common objections are good to include here.


If they don’t take any action to buy or further engage with you through these 5 emails, they should already be on your broadcast list.

So they can get emails from you forever more - until they tell you to stop by unsubscribing.

Remember, they chose to opt into your list.

They want to hear from you. 

They want to engage with you.               

So keep emailing.

Increase the bond with your prospect or customer - and boost your sales.

Get Your Welcome Email Sequence

A series of 5-7 emails, sent daily in sequence after a prospect opts into your list or buys your product.

Welcome Email Sequence


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I help visionary entrepreneurs & hero professional service providers get more leads, boost sales, & build a community of loyal customers using strategic marketing & email automation.

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